The Good News Keeps Coming For Fountain View Village

Category News  |  Published December 21, 2023

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It seems you can’t turn around these without hearing more good news about Fountain View Village. In fact, in the last few months alone, there have been several great stories in and on local media outlets and various senior living publications.

To keep you in the loop, we’ve included a brief synopsis of some of the best stories and an internet link to the original story. We hope you enjoy them.

Village Resident Howard Linville Celebrates His 100th Birthday.

On December 8, 2024, Fountain View Village threw a party for resident Howard Linville to celebrate his 100th birthday party. Celebrating the milestone with Millie, his wife of over 70 years, and his fellow Fountain View Village residents, Howard also received plenty of additional birthday wishes from the students at McDowell Mountain Elementary School in Fountain Hills, AZ.

See the full story here: (ABC 15) KNXV 12-8-23 Fountain View Village 5pm

Ten Million More Reasons To Love Fountain View Village

On November 20th, Fountain View Village held an eagerly anticipated ribbon cutting to commemorate its $10 million renovation initiative.

This renovation project has redefined the very idea of contemporary senior living in Fountain Hills with this comprehensive remodel, which includes redesigning all common areas and apartments and upgrading all its community amenities.

To learn more about the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony and get more of an in-depth look at what Fountain View Village has to offer today’s more active and discerning seniors, simply follow this link to the City Sun Times article: Fountain View Village Unveils $10 Million Transformation